A Guide To Getting Your Child The Best Physical Therapy

Posted on: 27 August 2015

When it comes to making the most of your child's physical therapy, there are a number of ideas that you must keep in mind. By internalizing these values and concepts, you will be in a great position to help your child through any kind of injury. This will give you peace of mind and will allow you to maximize on the process so that your resources are best put forth for productive healing.
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Finding Your Higher Power In Recovery (Even If You Don't Believe In God)

Posted on: 24 August 2015

Many recovery programs stress the importance of connecting to a higher power, like God, in order to maintain the strength to stay clean and sober for the long haul. For agnostics or individuals who don't follow any type of religious doctrine, it's still possible to stay strong in your recovery by tailoring the program to suit your particular belief system. If you cannot wrap your mind around the idea of praying to God in the traditional sense, consider putting your faith in a different kind of higher power.
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Changing Your Ideas About Couples Counseling Exercises

Posted on: 20 August 2015

A couple's counselor will often give exercises for the spouses to try at home. This homework could include things such as comparing love languages or trying to communicate using "I" sentences. However, have you ever thought that what you and your spouse really need is exercise regimens to do as a couple? Cycling Bicycling is a natural and neutral activity to try together. Simply get a babysitter, pull out your bikes, and go to the nearest bike trail.
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Incorporating Mala Beads Into Your Meditation

Posted on: 19 August 2015

Meditation (offered by local outlets such as Portland Mindfulness) can be an excellent tool to help you reduce stress and find inner peace. If you are new to the world of meditation, it can be difficult to quiet your mind. If you are finding it difficult to maintain focus during your meditation sessions, then you might want to consider investing in some mala beads.    What Are Mala Beads? If your meditation involves the recitation of a mantra, then mala beads can serve as a beneficial meditation aid.
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